Serving students ages 11-13, the Progress School version of Middle School.

Third School students study multi-disciplinary units that combine group activities and individual or small group projects. Units include a rich array of topics, such as archaeoastronomy, environmental studies, world history, political science, world literature, creative writing, and other topics proposed by students. Academic skills, such as reading comprehension, writing composition, organization and research skills, are woven into the unit studies. Third School students also have a math class that is organized to serve small groups so as to meet each student’s individual needs.

Social and emotional development are still important for our older students and are not neglected in favor of academic pursuits. Students receive guidance in self-advocacy, effective communication, and conflict resolution. The students continue to learn about social justice issues and participate in service projects to benefit members of the greater community.

Instead of grades, Third School students keep portfolios of their work that are assessed by their teachers and complete self assessments. Through assessments and teacher guidance, students can achieve their personal goals and prepare for high school, whether they plan to home school or attend another school.