Serves ages 8-10 years; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-3pm. 

Second School provides more structured learning opportunities for students as they age, while also offering time during the day for art, student-directed projects, and time outside for play and activities. 

Students participate in unit based projects and activities. Teachers support students in developing academic and organizational skills through the projects. 

Second School incorporates the use of technology through a coding class. Teachers also utilize occasional videos to introduce content. Most student work is done without computers, though they are occasionally utilized for certain projects. 

While the development of academic skills has more emphasis in Second School than in First School, emotional and social development continue to receive attention. Students are supported in learning to work well in a group, as well as to manage their time well as individuals. Teachers offer various team-building activities and support in conflict resolution. As they mature, students are expected to take an increasing role in resolving conflict and managing their education.