Serving students ages 5-7 years; Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 9am-3pm. 

Emotional and social development are the main focus of First School. Teachers support students in expressing themselves effectively, making choices, planning their day, and conflict resolution. 

Teachers plan engaging activities and projects based on thematic units covering a wide range of topics.  Activities are hands-on, exploratory, and incorporate students’ interests and ideas.  Activities cover all subject areas with emphasis on language arts, math and art.  

Outdoor space is available throughout the day for activities, games and play. Students participate in the large organic garden and help care for the school chickens. They can enjoy the play structures and use the large field for organized games and imaginary play. 

Each student learns differently and develops in their own way.  Student development is assessed through authentic means, such as anecdotes, projects and work samples.  Students are not graded, tested or required to achieve learning benchmarks an a particular schedule.