Most common sex thoughts that turn on women

Contrary to popular belief, women can be highly outspoken of their sexual wants when it comes to sex. In reality, most of the time, women have a higher sex drive than males, and they can often think about all the wicked things they can do with their spouse. 

Sexual Cravings 

They simply can’t get their sexual cravings and imaginations out of their heads. Suppose you’re having trouble figuring out what your woman has been fantasizing about lately, such as having sex with a Houston escort. In that case, you might be interested in finding which are the most common sex thoughts that turn on women.

Sex Dreams 

People daydream about a variety of things, such as an amazing vacation or earning a major, life-changing job. And who knows what else? One day, you might be able to make your dreams come true. When it comes to sexual desires, however, not every scenario should be realized in real life.

While contemplating a prohibited sexual act or setting, one can become highly erotic. Role playing or trying new things in bed is entirely healthy; it may be a terrific way for couples to spice up their sex lives. 

Talking About It 

Certain fantasies, however, may be more difficult to discuss with your partner than others, such as those involving group sex or being preoccupied with someone else. It’s also crucial to understand that seeing yourself having oral sex with that pleasant barista doesn’t always imply that you’re wanting to cheat or that you’re having an emotional affair.

Rough Sex 

Women enjoy the concept of rough sex in which their partner may control them in bed and even include whips and chains to spice things up. Some women even fantasize about BDSM, or bondage play infused with masochism and sadism. 

Submissiveness can be very appealing to women at times. Being dominated is a sexy thing to fantasize about. 

Having Sex In Public

Your ladylove will be overjoyed if you plan a date that includes a steamy sex session later, like in a forest or while in the car at a parking lot. Even thinking about trying sex toys while outside can be a thrilling experience.

Sex Orgies 

This is something that few people will confess, but it is one of the most popular desires. Women, in particular, enjoy fantasizing about having sex with numerous individuals simultaneously as part of something adventurous or fun. Threesomes or orgies are sensual dreams that many women have.

Taboo Sex 

This may surprise you, but women tend to think a lot about taboo sex like that with animals. They fantasize about all the things they shouldn’t do in the bedroom, which arouses them. 

People prefer to focus on what they can’t achieve rather than what they can. As a result, banned sex is apparently one of the most popular porn genres.


Women give a lot of thought to love and romance. They regard it as an essential component of a partnership, which includes sex. Women adore it when guys seek to inject romance into their sexual encounters.

Freedom To Fantasize

Fantasies of being the center of attention and sought by huge groups of people may stem from a need to be seen and valued as a person of worth or importance, or as a part of something much larger than oneself.

It is only recently that women have been allowed to exhibit more freedom and choice in their sexual lives, learning to ask for what they want in bed. So fantasizing about any same-sex action may be motivated by emancipation rather than sexual orientation.