“Our daughter has been with the teachers at Progress School since last year, and she has blossomed during her time with them.  She is excited to go to school every day; enthusiastically engages in activities; and has formed close bonds with all the teachers.  We believe deeply in the Progress School’s child-focused approach to learning and its commitment to creating a nurturing school environment, and we’re so pleased our daughter is a student at Progress.”  Jennifer & Hunt, parents of a current student

“We wanted an environment that builds a love of learning, unencumbered by the confines of conventional schooling – testing, busy work, repetition, etc…. At the Progress School, my child is free to explore his interests in a supportive, open, and beautiful space with loving and engaged teachers.”  Maia, parent of a current student

“My son is 7 years old and attending Progress School. I could not be more pleased. Every morning he is waking up early trying to get us out the door as fast as possible. He can’t wait to go to school. When I pick him up he is tired, relaxed and happy. This program seems unconventional until you are actively engaging in it with a child day to day. You realize that what is going on in public schools is the weaker approach to educating a human. My son is learning in an integrated and effortless manner. He doesn’t realize that learning is a somewhat grueling process for most elementary children. I would also note that I have proof that this kind of approach will create a successful student. I have a 15 year old in public school at McCallum High School. She made all A’s and one B last year (her first year in public school). This year she is in pre-AP English and History and doing great. She also got into their highly competitive Fine Arts Program. The summer before High School, she was honored to be asked to create a 8 ft by 11 ft drawing for the LBJ National Historical Park in Johnson City. It is a permanent part of their display and serves as a center piece. She went to a similar school as Progress School (from first grade through seventh grade) and had the same teachers (Jennifer, Peter and Steve). I can tell you from dealing with them for over a decade, these folks are the most dedicated educators you’re ever going to come across. When I first found that school for my daughter, I felt like I had won the lottery. Now with my son and this new school, I have hit it TWICE!”  Kristin, parent of current student

“Our child has developed into a self confident, motivated, and interested human being due in large part to the caring environment she received from the teachers now at Progress School.  These individuals care about holistic teaching and nurture the sense of wonder and desire to learn that is latent in every child.”  Parents of a former student