Children are Natural Learners

We regard children as people naturally endowed with an interest in learning; whether it is learning to read or to make friends, we are confident that children are naturally motivated to learn the skills necessary to attain their goals.  Students at Progress School are exposed to a rich variety of learning materials and experiences that relate to the students’ interests and needs.  Students are free to choose to participate in offered activities and are supported in creating their own.  Teachers maintain a balance between teacher-led activities and joining in student-led activities.

Whole Child Development

A child’s emotional development is the foundation of all other areas of development.  Helping a child learn how to satisfy her emotional needs is the basis of our curriculum.  From there, we facilitate the development of social, physical and cognitive development.  Because students are free to move about as they like and interact with other students, our environment provides an ideal setting for holistic development.  With a solid emotional foundation and well-developed social skills, students are in an ideal state to grow academically.


Healthy relationships with teachers, peers and the environment are essential to a child’s full development.

Teachers create positive relationships with students by honoring students’ feelings and opinions, joining in their activities and acting as loving guides in their education.

Teachers support students’ relationships with their peers through collaborative learning, modeling and articulating social cues.  Students are empowered in self-expression and conflict resolution.  Teachers are able to guide students toward positive behaviors without the use of punishment or rewards.

Students interact freely with the learning environment, which is prepared to facilitate exploration, experimentation and expression. Students feel an ownership of their school and education.