Space & The Solar System

Solar System Puzzle

This is one of our favorite units ever.  Our students’ interest in space is such that we manage to talk about it no matter what else we are studying.  This unit provided a wonderful opportunity to go into greater depth.

The topic of black holes drove much of our inquiry.  From the first week of school, one of the students had become fascinated with supernovas and black holes.  How big is a black hole?  What is inside of a black hole?  Will our sun become a black hole?  What would happen to you if  you got close to a black hole?  How are black holes and supernovas related? 

Here is are some of the short videos we watched: What’s Inside of a Black Hole? , the relative sizes of celestial bodies, from our moon to the largest known star in the universe, a video about Jupiter,  and one about constellations.

We learned about atmosphere and weather, relating Jupiter’s great storm to hurricanes on earth.  We made our own cloud in a bottle and conducted experiments and demonstrations on gravity, inertia, centripetal/centrifugal force and light.

Glitter Planets

Our Sun, made with tissue paper on top of a paper lantern

Our Solar System model