Pictures from the First Week

Our unit for the week was “Summer Vacations and Back to School”, but of course we were all over the place in our excitement to all be together after the long break.

We used our homemade solar oven to heat a frozen pizza.

The dominoes were placed on each state that either a student or a teacher had at some time visited. We covered all but 6 states!

Inspired by a student's story, we made llamas.

Steve's alien glasses, constructed for him by a student.

Welcome to Progress School

We have just begun an exciting new school year!  The students hit the ground running, immediately initiating activities.  They were eager to explore the new space.

We set to work making plans for the year.  We decided our first unit would be ‘Fish’ followed by ‘Space and the Solar System’.  We set a date for a field trip to AquaTek to buy new fish for our 10 gallon tank.  We also started work on our plans to build a new play scape.  The students shared several ideas, including monkey bars and a climbing wall.  We had conversations about subjects we wish to study and skills we’d like to develop through the course of the school year.

It is exciting to see how enthusiastic and motivated the students are.  We will have our work cut out for us as we delve into the depths of the ocean and the outer reaches of space.